Thursday, September 24, 2009

Natasha's Journey

My friend Natasha does things a little differently than most other ducks. Originally from Los Vegas, a transplant to the East Coast environment of Rutgers University, there's something in her blood that thirsts for travel.

This summer, for example, Natasha spent the months of May and June in Spain. After a 48-hour lay-over in New Jersey (more specifically, my couch) and a trip to her storage unit, she switched out her luggage for some South American winter garments and headed for a six-week Latin-American Studies program in Bolivia.

The amazing stories that returned with my dear friend were beautiful, full of cultural experience and intellectual growth. The program focused on aid and advocacy to the local indigenous population. The views of the mountains and the rain forest were breathtaking, and the pictures she brought back proved her point!

But for all of the aesthetic magic that Bolivia offered, that is not to say it didn't have it's share of health risks. Thankfully, Natasha received her Yellow Fever vaccine from Passport Health before she left for Spain. "I can't believe I almost forgot to do it! I would have been out of luck if I tried to do it during the 48-hour period I stopped over in the U.S.," she said.

And she's right: although it is always better to receive the Yellow Fever than to go without (in fact, travelers aren't allowed to go to many areas of South America without it!) it is optimum if Yellow Fever vaccination is received ten days or more before the date of departure.

There are many stories; the story of the brick oven, the story of the out-house (oh, yes, but I will not explicate that here...) Needless to say, thanks to Passport Health, Natasha made it through safe and sound!

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