Monday, November 23, 2009

Upcoming Clinics!

This Friday, Passport Health is kicking off the holiday (and flu!) season with an H1N1 flu clinic at its Shrewsbury location. The clinic will begin at 10AM and will run through 1PM. Limited quantities are available, so make sure you email PPHNJ and sign up!

(See below for our email contact!)

All recipients must be over the age of six months old and must meet all of the CDC requirements (listed in previous post as well as on the CDC website).

The Shrewsbury clinic is first come first serve; the vaccination is free but there is a $22 administration fee.

But! There's good news! If you're not located near the Shrewsbury area office, we're coming to you! Passport Health will hold another H1N1 Flu Clinic in early December; same stipulations are applicable to recipients. Stay tuned for details.

There will be a pre-registration for the PQM at their location, beginning this Saturday.

And schedule an appointment to protect yourself and those you love from the flu this holiday season! Don't forget, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Email us!

No phone calls, please!

Passport Health New Jersey
555 Shrewsbury Ave
Shrewsbury, NJ

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