Sunday, November 15, 2009

Swine Flu Updates

As our Philly offices anxiously awaits the arrival of its H1N1 Flu vaccines, Passport Health has made quick and diligent work of protecting New Jersey against the harmful and quite unnerving virus. Just yesterday, Passport Health administered vaccinations at Pennington Quality Market--around 500 H1N1 vaccinations were given out.

As of November 10th, there have been two confirmed deaths related to H1N1, and many more cases. If you or your child are in the high risk groups for contracting the virus, it is imperative that you seek out immunization as soon as possible. According to federal regulations, the criteria for high-risk are the following:

Age: Children up to young adults (24 years old); this group is especially at risk because of its close quarters in schools and universities. 
Occupation: healthcare workers and care providers for young children are also strongly recommended to receive the vaccine. 
Health Conditions: individuals with health ailments and women who are pregnant should receive the H1N1 vaccine.

But, these high-risk groups aren't alone in facing the H1N1: it has even made its way to the New Jersey Nets!  Goes to show that you can never be too prepared--it could happen to anyone.

There have been numerous cases at the universities in New Jersey. Rutgers, the largest university in the state, has had an outbreak in recent weeks. (I go there, and you can't imagine how glad I was to be vaccinated in my French class last week when I heard the guy next to me whisper over my head "yeah... Swine Flu". Not to mention the ringing that resounded in my ears after leaving the computer labs--tissue boxes anchored to the tables, tissues to the noses; a symphony of sneezes, a cacophony of coughs. A nightmare, I tell you, life without H1N1 is a nightmare for the college student.) The virus has spread across the state in waves, first in small numbers and then with a sudden explosion in numbers, especially in urban and academic hot-spots where interpersonal contact and public transportation are unavoidable.

This year is proving to be *the* year to vaccinate against the flu...

Stay tuned for more information on up-coming clinics in your area!