Monday, December 10, 2012

Medical Credentialing Services

Passport Health is a Superior Provider of Medical Credentialing Services

Passport Health has worked with large pharmaceutical companies and individuals providing medical credentialing services. Before working in a hospital or other healthcare facility staff must be properly immunized and screened for communicable diseases. We understand the urgency to clear individuals for vital roles in the healthcare industry.
The Process:
Whether you need a Hepatitis B, MMR, or Varicella immunization or Titers performed to verify protection we are happy to see you in one of our locations. We obtain all proper medical releases to provide feedback to your organization that you are cleared for employment. These services are available on a one on one basis, however Passport Health is also able to provide on-site services to groups such as medical schools, nursing schools and pharmaceutical companies.
Convenient and Thorough Solutions:
Requirements vary form company to company and facility to facility before clearing an individual for work, Passport Health is able to provide a convenient and quick solution for you and or your company including the proper documentation. Please call us to obtain more detailed information and to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations or on-site at your company or organization.

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